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Build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.

Owners of older and historic houses face many challenges, not the least of which is that the older the house the more ‘fixes’, that is remodels and updates, the home is likely to have experienced. In extreme cases, vintage home interiors have been destroyed in order to serve as rentals or multiple housing units.  Decisions related to and restoring your house’s original floor plan requires time and resources.  Often, these challenges are complicated by federal, state and local historic preservation codes and limited or no access to historically accurate or compatible resources which are often difficult to find.

Two areas that often require the most repairing in older houses and that give the best return for your time and dollar investment are kitchens and  bathrooms. Options range from fullscale remodels that include reclaiming rooms, adding bathrooms, or remodeling kitchens to smaller steps that include adding hand made elements for storage, such as pot racks or pantry shelving that pulls out, or adding grab bars to shower and tub areas, or adding laundry chute. In addition, vintage homes always seem to need an interior ‘facelift’ whether it be structural, architectural, or in it’s furnishings. Fresh Look Restoration can:

  • Repair and paint walls
  • Remove and replace wall coverings
  • Clean and varnish or replace baseboards, door and window trims, crown moldings
  • Match original finishes and paint colors
  • Recondition or build architectural details such as built in storage, stairwells, flooring, or porches, keystones, medallions
  • Make your house handicapped accessible
  • Sandblast original ironwork or furniture
  • Build porch swings, shelving, craftsman style storage, shelving, fireplace mantels

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