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Bruce developed a plan to save the original porch on my historic home. I was so worried we wouldn't be able to save it! He designed and made custom spindles for the railing and columns. It turned out beautifully! I absolutley love the work and craftsmanship.



Bruce & I entered into a contract for the shingling of my roof. He was very thorough and explained in detail each issue that arose while offering the options and prices of each resolution he presented.  He advised me of the pros and cons of each but all the while ensuring I understood each decision was mine to make. He in no way tried to persuade me to spend more money or do anything I was not completely comfortable with.  He always had solutions for any problem that did arise however.

After Bruce completed the work, my neighbors all praised him and said that it looked like a brand new house!!  I even had a friend from out of town come to visit and since he hasn't been here for awhile, he got lost because he was looking for an old, scraggly blue barn!  LOL!

Michelle J.

Keith Fruhwirth
If you want it done right, Bruce is the Man. Some nice houses there. A couple look real familiar.

This guy is great, have seen some of his work before and it is great work!
I asked for an estimate to get my house shingled. I had more than one estimate & Bruces was at the lower end. He did the job & stayed within the cost. He did not just reshingle but replaced the old & worn boards & trim. Saves time & trouble later on.  I would recommend Bruce for any contracting job!! He was easy to work with & explained what needed to be done.