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Protecting the Future
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Landscape Solutions for Old Houses

Services Offered: 
Drainage and irrigation
Rock or masonry walls
Outdoor kitchens
Water features
All the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal

Fresh Look Restoration can take older houses into the future by updating or adding landscape features. Whether its adding rock gardens, fixing driveway or sidewalk runoff, or installing state of the art outdoor living features, homeowners must first be concerned about drainage. Older houses have years of landscape erosion as well as a build up of pressure against basement walls. In addition, basements are often equipped with outdated pump systems that are no longer able to control adequately the in/out water flow on the property.

Many homeowners address landscaping first and then have to to deal with water flow control problems later. The first step in preserving or adding new outdoor elements is to be assured that your house and its property has clean efficient underground water handling. This may mean adding or updating your water management system and requires attention to the grading of the property. 

Fresh Look Restoration can

  • Build or restore stone walls
  • Update patios to include the state of the art outdoor kitchen and media options
  • Add stamped and stained concrete walkways and patios
  • Add water features

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