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Iron & Metal Work Solutions

Services Offered: 
Acid Etching
Ornamental Ironwork
Widow’s Walks
Iron Railings
Scroll Work
Burnishing, Forging, or Braising,
Anodized Aluminum
Interior and Exterior hardware
is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

Old houses have many functional and ornamental iron and metal work architectural details including fences, porches, and stairway balusters; weather vanes, and interior and exterior hardware. What is the best repair, replacement or preservation strategy for your home’s ironwork?

  • Do you want to replace your ironwork details with the original metal or with stainless steel or can you maintain your home’s integrity and upgrade to copper?
  • What type of finish will be consistent with the architectural period of your house? Burnished, hammered, or painted?
  • Is it possible to recreate the intricate scrollwork that was at one time the focal point of your house?
  • Some older ironwork is delicate and repair work requires careful attention to details and a range of options from sandblasting to acid etching. What is the best option for your delicate, older ironwork?
  • Do you want to replace copper-based architectural elements with less costly and historically accurate anodized aluminum?
  • Should your ironwork solution be soldered, forged, braised, or welded?

Fresh Look Restoration, located in the Midwest, has separate woodworking and metal fabrication shops with commercial grade equipment. We have access to salvaged wood and metal. Fresh Look Restoration repairs or designs historically accurate customized ironwork solutions for your old home to meet the homeowner's specifications. Fresh Look Restoration

  • Custom designs landscape fencing or trellises
  • Repairs, duplicates or creates balustrades
  • Repairs widow's walks
  • Refurbishes or replaces interior and exterior hardware
  • Provides a selection of metal finishes
  • Repairs, replaces or creates custom ironwork using a variety of metal components

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