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Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose
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Steel roofs and siding

Most homeowners struggle with the need to add modern amenities in order to get their old house ready for the 21st century while respecting the history of the house and protecting it’s unique architectural elements. In addition, older homes often need to be updated to meet the accessibility or lifestyle needs of the owner. Finally, older homes are often very energy inefficient from the ground to the roof.

Older houses present the homeowner with many life style, accessibility, environmental and energy efficient challenges:

  • Older houses are often very energy inefficient with leaks or poor insulation in windows, wall, doors, and chimneys
  • Access to natural resources such as wood that is original to the house is often limited and can contribute to depletion of a natural resource
  • Long narrow stairwells are difficult to traverse
  • Outdated bathrooms which are not built to meet the needs of the aging homeowner or the young family
  • No or very small living spaces for growing families
  • Outdated water, cooling and heating systems.

Homeowners can take many steps to conserve energy, control cooling/heating costs while increasing lifestyle and accessibility resources in their historic home. Fresh Look Restoration is committed to helping the environmentally conscious homeowner update their old house and can:

  • Add awnings or overhangs to windows and doors
  • Add three to four season rooms
  • Add on demand water heating systems
  • Check foundation for water tight and air tight insulation around foundations, in particular where siding meets the foundation
  • Recycle, reuse and repurpose current wood or ironwork or other components of the house
  • Add energy efficient insulation in hard to access spaces such as walls, attics, basements
  • Add energy efficient windows and doors that are consistent with the age of your home
  • Seal windows and walls

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