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Sun, 04/28/2013 - 11:59

Let me introduce myself. I am Bruce. This is my first blog. Ever. When my webpage designers suggested I add a blog to my website I thought they were nuts. To be truthful, I know less about blogs than I do brain surgery and I know absolutely nothing about that. Actually, I do not think that I have ever read a blog. Seriously. However, these web designers told me blogging was good for business. It would help you get to know me and the services I provide and let me share the lessons I have learned in my 30+ years of restoring and preserving historic and vintage homes. I was told also it would help people find my webpage.

So, off into cyberspace I go with my first blog.

First, let me tell you about myself. I am a Midwestern man raised in a hardy Norwegian-Swedish family who has farmed the same land for more than 100 years. In fact, I still live on the family farm. This heritage taught me the value of hard work.

I am a master of many technical trades. I began my career with multiple certifications in advanced automotive and diesel, as well as welding, machinist, and engineering programs. Tim Allen has nothing on me. If I can't find a tool I need, I make it for myself such as my wood molding shaper and a wood fired forge. I am also like most men--grown boys who like big toys. When my 3-story power scaffolding was not adequate for a house, I bought a truck and made a hydraulic lift that reaches as high as I need it to.

I have worked, first as a commercial contractor, and then as a historic and vintage home general contractor for more than 30 years. Before I finished my last certificate program in my early twenties, I had my first contract to build a 5-floor convention center at Breezy Point, Mn. After a few years as a commercial contractor and home remodeler, I helped a friend turn a 100 year old, abandoned rental home slated to be demolished into a Bed and Breakfast in a small rural community filled with historic Victorian homes. I have not looked back.

I left my commercial projects and home remodeling contracts and focused on vintage and historic home restoration and preservation. Since then, I have assisted many homeowners in southern Minnesota with large and small vintage home renovations and with new additions designed to be consistent with the character and history of their homes. Together, we have restored and preserved the wood and brick exteriors and landscapes as well as the interiors of their beloved homes.

My company, Anderson Fresh Look Restoration, is committed to developing historically accurate replications and replacements for your home. Together, using historical documents and photographs, we replicate, replace or create original and authentic woodwork and ironwork, update and install green components, and add decorative landscape elements including stamped and stained concrete to your specifications.

Anderson Fresh Look Restoration is committed also to a relationship with the homeowner based on honesty, respect, and open communication. When you and I agree on a job, I function as your general contractor and as an integral member of a selective and skilled work crew. To do this, I am a licensed master journeyman welder and residential general contractor and maintain certifications in lead-based paint renovations and greenstar energy initiatives in the state of Minnesota.

To assist you with replacing missing or damaged woodwork and ironwork or to custom design wood and ironwork elements for your home, I have 2 shops, one for woodwork and one for metal fabrication, each with more than 3200 square feet and each with commercial grade equipment required to repair and create woodwork and ironwork. In the woodwork shop, I have wood shaping and molding equipment from which I can create matching molding for your house. In the metal fabrication shop, I have the metal shears, brakes, and bender equipment and 3 different kinds of welders needed to replace or add custom elements to your yard or to your home's exterior or interiors. There is access also to a supply of salvaged wood and metal for replicating or creating your wood and metal design elements.

Ok, I think I have finished my first blog. If this works, I will be back with more information about caring for our old homes. By the way, if I do another blog, I plan to continue having fun doing it I love what I do and enjoy my life and my career. Two of the important lessons I have learned is that 'if it's not fun, it's not worth doing' and 'it's not worth doing, if it's not done well'.

If you have questions or topics, you want me to write about, contact me. Please.